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Published Oct 31, 21
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For the most part, the details readily available for each co-founder is only a single layer deep, two at most, which is to say few of the claims and descriptions are supported by official sources. Everything you read about them appears to be a variation of what's written here at coinsandmetals.

To be clear, that doesn't suggest what you read about them is untrue, it might simply imply that their accomplishments prior to 7K were not documented online, or that they are personal people, which is reasonable. At the end of the day, most individuals are private, and many people's list of accomplishments are not separately documented online either.

In 2017, Frank L. Vandersloot was listed on Forbes as the richest person in Idaho with a net worth of $2. Some sources online say that Roger Ball is likewise a billionaire and from his long entrepreneurial history and associations with other billionaires (or at least one we understand of), that may really well be real.

As a co-founder of 7K Metals, Roger certainly has a life time of organization experience which is not just helpful for 7K Metals, but is also a wealth of understanding for members who are lucky enough to satisfy him (7K Metals Associates). Zack Davis As I pointed out above, when it pertains to the other co-founders, Zach Davis, Josh Anderson, and Richard Hansen, the depth of information is rather shallow.

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According to the 7kmetals. com sister site, Coins and Metals, Zach Davis started and ran lots of successful business in a variety of markets. It also states he's an accomplished speaker and has actually served on the board of directors as an Owner and Chief Marketing Officer in the industry (I'm presuming the coins and metals market).

He is likewise co-owner of a 25,000 sq foot trampoline/ninja warrior park called Gravity Factory, and I need to say, I'm a little jealous I was looking at beginning a comparable sort of park about 7 or 8 years ago however the cost ended up being more than I first understood.

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One specific business in his service history I discovered interesting is Black Ink Royalties, in which he is noted as the owner.

On Linked, In, according to Josh Anderson's profile, he also at one time owned Black Ink International Is it possible that Davis and Anderson, in addition to being co-founders of 7K Metals and Black Ink Royalties, were at one-time, co-owners of a tattoo parlor? It's possible. Not that it really matters of course, however I found it interesting as I was researching their bio's as well as the business history (which I do because a great deal of these companies end up being false).

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If I needed to think, I 'd state the Dun & Bradstreet listing is an error but in either case, there's likely a simple explanation. There's also very little info online about Josh Anderson's previous experience in multi-level marketing. Which companies has he been included with? MLM experience is not a requirement here, it's just that his bio says he has developed 3 teams of over 20,000 people in the last 16 years which he has actually been the master distributor, CEO and has actually served on the Board of Director's for a few of the biggest MLM business worldwide which type of makes you curious which business.

He was also the Sales Director for JD Premium, where he would have worked with his other co-founders prior to beginning 7K Metals. 7K Metals Claim and the FTC The lack of details online about 7K Metals' co-founders is not a bad thing, since what I did not find (which I was looking for) are class action claims or actions taken by the FTC.

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That's 25 people a week and 100 individuals monthly. I do not understand about you, but I don't have that in me. And I speak from experience. Not only have I done it, which is why I won't do it once again however running into 100 individuals per month would be a tremendous effort.

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I can go a whole month often without seeing anybody besides my better half and kids. Your circumstance might be various. 7K Metals Wealth Strategies. The very first thing you'll wish to think about when choosing if 7K Metals is for you, is whether you're exposed to a great deal of people. Maybe 100 monthly isn't essential, however a lot.



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